Why Sandwiches are Great for Corporate Gatherings

There is so much to think about when arranging a corporate gathering that it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks. What’s on the menu is one such important detail, and while you might think that the selection is an easy one to make, there is actually a surprising amount to think about when making the decision. Sandwich takeaways are generally  the perfect option for just such an occasion; everybody loves them, they can cater for everybody, they are easy to order and also simple to clean up, but those are just a few of the reasons why they are the perfect fit for corporate gatherings such as meeting. Here are a few more:

Variety is the Spice of Business

Sandwich platters offer a little variety to the menu. The larger your group, the less likely it is that you will order something that appeals to everybody. Making sure that everyone is happy with their meal is therefore a bit of a difficult thing to get right when catering for a group. Sandwiches, and their endlessly diverse ingredients, therefore, are perfect for just such an occasion.

A Cost Effective Way to Feed More People

You could go out and get ribs and steaks for everyone at the meeting, but how much is that going to cost your business. Sandwiches, for as long as they have been around, have been one of the most cost-effective things to make or order, which also makes them an excellent choice when having to feed large groups of people without breaking the bank.

The Faster Way to Feed Folks

You are nearing the end of your meeting or are almost at the recess for your conference. You are strapped for time and the anxiety within you is swelling up because it doesn’t look like the food you’ve ordered will get here in time. You should have ordered something a little simpler and quicker to make. Next time, why not go for sandwiches instead.

Cleaning Up is Simple

Perhaps one of the longest celebrated qualities of the noble sandwich is how simple they are, and this includes what to do once it is finished. In short, you don’t need to do anything. There are no dishes to wash or utensils to clean. At the worst, you’ll need to recycle the plastic tray or paper wrapper that it came in; making it one of the most convenient meals in history.

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