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It starts with beautifully baked golden-brown bread, skillfully sliced and put together with the freshest produce then wrapped in beautiful paper, ready to go……….

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Sandwich Baron offers a huge assortment of Sandwiches, French and Footlongs, Platters, Salads and Baked Potatoes, Banting and Lunch box. The French Taco, a tortilla filled with meat, cheese sauce and chips is the latest item on our menu. We can help with your catering with a great selection of platters. Order online with Free Delivery.

French TACO

A tortilla grilled to perfection filled with meat, chips and topped with our magic cheese sauce.

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The Sandwich Baron Shop had small beginnings and was started in Alberton in 1996 by Sally J’Arlette-Joy. After selling her successful restaurant the intention was to have just a small sandwich takeaway shop. However, due to the demand of the product hope of a national franchise was realised. Sally’s hands-on involvement from the beginning ensured that all the pitfalls normally associated with starting a new business were eliminated in this franchising development. We have grown to be the biggest player in the sandwich business. Our proven secret recipes result in undeniably delicious food that keeps our customers coming back for more (and tell their friends). 

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