Frequently Asked Questions on Sandwich Baron Franchising

1. What are the advantages of having a Sandwich Baron franchise?
* You can be a market leader in the sandwich industry in South Africa.
* Sandwich Baron is created for the South African market.
* It is a proven concept.
* Local fresh produce are used.
* Sandwich Baron is a national brand.
* It offers great hours for a food business.
* You will have buying power.
* You will get radio and internet advertising.
* Sandwich Baron offers online ordering.

2. What are the new franchise opportunities for Sandwich Baron?
The first Sandwich Baron franchise opened in 1996, so far there are 38 stores open and 8 of them are company owned. There are always new opportunities for Sandwich Baron. Currently there is one new franchise opportunity in the East Rand, and two in Johannesburg. You can not go wrong with purchasing a Sandwich Baron franchise, it will benefit you in many ways.

3. Why should you consider having a Sandwich Baron Franchise?
Becoming a Sandwich Baron franchisee will provide you with fantastic wealth creation potential. The Sandwich Baron franchise offers you a secure investment in your own business. It is a well known brand with established operating procedures and a full training and support system. If you are considering purchasing a fast food franchise, look no further, contact Sandwich Baron today for more information.

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