The Best Breads for Winning Sandwiches

One of the things I love most about sandwiches is how everybody can enjoy them in their own way. The combinations of ingredients, sauces and types of breads that can be used to build a sandwich are literally infinite (depending on how adventurous you’d like to be), which means that everyone who has ever enjoyed a sandwich, has built up their own preferences overtime. One of the biggest ways that people differ in terms of the sandwiches they eat is the type of bread that they choose to use. Here we will take a quick look at the most common ones, to help you find out which slices of bread would make the best base for your sandwich.

Classic White or Brown

I use the word classic here for a good reason. When ordering a sandwich, whenever nothing is said about what type of bread should be used, it is automatically assumed that white or brown bread is the choice (with white more often than not taking preference).

Whole-wheat & Health

Health has, over the years, started playing more of a role in the choices of bread people use on their sandwiches, and whole-wheat breads have often been hailed as an excellent healthy alternative to other types. Of course not everybody makes this choice for health reasons, some prefer their bread to have a bit of crunch and texture, making health breads a popular choice for many.

French and Foot-Long

Sometimes a meagre two-slices of bread simply isn’t enough. There is only one thing that is sure to cure hunger and that is more. More bread (and of course a particularly fine quality) is what French-loafs and foot-longs are all about. Commonly used for hot-dogs, they also have their place when making extra-large, extra-delicious subs.

Banting Bread

Banting option are usually made for health reasons, especially for those who are trying to keep the pounds off by limiting their carbohydrate intake. Most breads are stocked with carbs, which does little for the figure, while banting options with their low-carb, high-fat content are generally great for those who are dieting.

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