Why Do We Love Sandwiches So Much?

Most of us are die-hard sandwich fans. In fact, it’s thought that we spend tens of thousands of pounds in our lifetime fuelling our sandwich habit. That’s a lot of money for some veggies, cheese and meat encased between two slices of bread. Surprisingly, the average person will eat over 18,000 sandwiches throughout their life. So, our next question is this: why do we love sandwiches so much?

Why do we love sandwiches so much? Sandwiches seem like a rather odd addiction; there are thousands of meals with weird, wonderful and exciting flavour combinations, textures and consistencies, yet over 50% of us choose to each a sandwich every day at lunch. Why?

  • Convenience – You can buy sandwiches practically anywhere.
  • Versatility – A sandwich can contain any filling, as long as it’s between bread.
  • Comfort – There’s something nostalgic about sandwiches; we grew up eating them!
  • Mess-Free – They’re incredibly easy to eat on the go, without spilling them everywhere.
  • Mad Scientist Syndrome – We love to experiment with new flavour combinations!

Sandwiches require layers of different flavours. One day we might try a new condiment, a different type of cheese, or a meat we don’t usually eat. We could switch to a healthier loaf or test out the latest vegan cheese and lunch meat. We can pick and choose what we put in our sandwiches, entering different cultures and specialities until we find the perfect flavour for us. On that note, here are our top four sandwich picks, taken from different corners of the world.

Sandwiches make it easy to layer flavours—it’s the essence of what a sandwich does, after all! So you can try a new condiment and see if you like it, or a new cheese, or a different bread. It’s also about trying different foods from different cultures. There is a familiarity of new flavours of meat, vegetables, and cheese between two pieces of some sort of starch that offers a familiar approach while still being able to tip-toe into new cultures.

A burger, technically speaking, counts as a sandwich, and that’s because the term sandwich is being redefined. Tacos fall into the sandwich category. Biscuit sandwiches. Hot dogs. Anything that can be placed between, on top of, or folded into can be classified as a sandwich.


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