Sandwich Baron is geared to serve the suits in Linbro Business Park

Linbro Business Park is a never-ending hub of business activity, being strategically located between the Johannesburg CBD, Tshwane and OR Tambo International Airport. A vast variety of different service providers have chosen this promising business park which, according to the Gauteng Spatial Development Framework is an area where the bulk of development in Gauteng is expected in the future, as a prime area for business.


Adding to this hustle and bustle is Sandwich Baron who made a strategic decision to move into the business park to ease the hunger pains of the thousands of movers and shakers, who make it their second home from eight to five.


Situated at 12 Starfield Drive, the new owner-operated store will be run by Tony Holmes who draws his experience in the food industry from his background as an operations manager. He was responsible for the management of catering operations, various supermarkets, a butchery and a bakery.


Holmes says that he is as excited about the new business opportunity as he is about feeding the hordes of hungry business people daily. ”Having done extensive site research, our findings revealed that there is a need for more food retail outlets as many of the companies don’t have on-site canteens that can meet their staff’s lunch requirements. With a market hungry for delicious sandwiches, baked potatoes, and salads, my team and I look forward to serving the Linbro Business Park community.


Aside from offering lunch time meals, we will also provide platters for meetings, which will allow our community members to add value to their own business, clients and associates. It’s a win-win combination for all of us.”


The new Sandwich Baron Linbro Park store officially opened its doors on 1 July and has seen some promising success thus far. “Those who know Sandwich Baron and have enjoyed their food can attest to the fact that high quality is at the top of our agenda and our new business friends understand and appreciate the value that we add. As a result of word of mouth referrals, we’re also welcoming new customers daily, for which we are grateful.”


Sandwich Baron’s founder and Managing Director, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, notes that the decision to open the store in this prime location made clear business sense.


“As one of the most successful franchising businesses in South Africa, we understand that time is money which is why Tony’s store will be offering a delivery service so that our customers’ don’t have to waste any precious time having to leave the office to satisfy their hunger pangs.


“In addition, with Tony’s business acumen and his solid understanding of the food industry, the Linbro Business Park community can rest assured that they will not only enjoy the Sandwich Baron’s undeniably good food, but they will be back for more…on a daily basis,” chuckles J’Arlette-Joy.


For more information on Sandwich Baron, visit or become a fan of their Facebook page.

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