Sandwich Baron Fourways geared to be overhauled by new owners

The team at Sandwich Baron Fourways is set for some serious overhauling after welcoming new owners Trevor and Brian Ridley to the store on 1 October 2013. With their passion for good food and their determination to give their store prime status, the Ridley brothers are all set to kick the business up a notch.


On the progress thus far, Trevor shares that franchising truly has been a viable investment for them. “Upon researching our options to build our business, the franchising model was an easy choice for us. Aside from the great advantage of receiving guaranteed support from both the franchisor and an existing client base, it is very reassuring to know we have invested in a concept that has been tried, tested and has shown success.”


“While we are under no illusion that we won’t encounter challenges in our business we are committed to taking whatever we face in our stride as we know we have bought into a concept that also has our interests at heart. The brand with its heritage and solid reputation is what made us decide to venture down the franchising route and with the support of Sandwich Baron, we have been able to significantly enhance the image of the store. We are well on track to positioning it as the ‘talk of the town’ again.”


Brian echoes his sentiments and feels the franchising model has provided a solid platform to developing their business.


“A franchise offers you the support of a team that has been through all the growing pains and teething problems. It has essentially provided us with a blue print and building blocks to kick start our success. We are grateful to be associated with a brand that has been able to feed the appetites of so many South Africans who have come to love Sandwich Baron’s food.”


Trevor concurs with Brian and adds, “It is important to note, though that even with the support that we receive from the franchise, we know success can only be achieved through hard work, which is why we are working relentlessly to keep our store on par with Sandwich Baron’s reputation going forward.”


Sandwich Baron’s Managing Director, Sally J’Arlette-Joy says that she is confident that the new owners will be able to contribute significantly to the brand as they understand the importance of owner involvement in their store.


“The Ridley brothers seem to understand the importance of taking an active role in the day-to-day management of a store and are dedicated to taking the Fourways store to a new level. They have an appreciation for the franchising model and, in the same instance, understand what the business demands of them also. I look forward to seeing the progress that they are sure to make.”


Produced specifically for online, call in and over the counter orders, Sandwich Baron creates a variety of high quality food products ranging from sandwiches, pitas, wraps, platters, topping-filled baked potatoes and salads, all catering to the breakfast and lunchtime trade.


Aside from priding themselves on the highest quality food, Sandwich Baron is a viable business option for budding entrepreneurs. For more information on Sandwich Baron and their successful model, visit or become a fan of their Facebook page.

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