Sandwich Baron franchise makes financial ‘cents’

Community members of the Kyalami area are in for a fresh treat with the opening of a brand new Sandwich Baron store in the area. Aside from welcoming some fine food, Kyalami residents can also look forward to plenty of pleasant dealings with its new store owner. As of May 2014, the Sandwich Baron Kyalami store, situated at Kyalami on Main (corner Dytchley and R55 Main roads) has shown remarkable growth. Through its owner Selen Naidoo, with her sound knowledge of balancing the books, the store has already demonstrated its promise of success.


With a background in the financial industry, Naidoo saw franchising as a profitable option to build on her passion for the food and beverage sector. Following extensive research, Naidoo knew that the Sandwich Baron business model, which has shown consistent market growth over the past 18 years, was a more than viable option.


“Coming from a background where it’s all about making sense of the cents, franchising was the ideal option for me to live out my passion and build on earning a passive income. With the support given from a successful franchisor – who is rich in past experiences and has a tested plan in place – coupled with my own skills and experience, I have been able to break even in only three months, which was the first goal I set out to achieve,” shares a proud Naidoo.


Naidoo does however advise that while the support from the franchisor is highly beneficial, having a solid understanding of the financial implications of running a business is important.


“Having a keen understanding of budgeting, forecasting and financial planning is vital to securing success. Managing efficiencies with regards to stock control, purchasing and sales is a constant balancing act and if you do not understand the importance of these essentials and why they need to be managed, your business will not achieve sustainable growth and could eventually fail.


“Aside from being financially savvy, it is important that you possess the characteristics of a successful business owner who is motivated, efficient, compassionate and transparent in their dealings with staff, customers and the franchisor.”


Managing Director of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, is pleased to welcome Naidoo into the Sandwich Baron family and is optimistic about the refreshed focus and energy that she is bringing to the store.


“Selen has a keen insight into the most pivotal aspect of running a business successfully; which is understanding the financial aspects and implications. While the franchising model provides ample support to a store owner, the business will go nowhere without its owner bringing the needed business know-how to the table. Business is business, which means that the needed business skills to make it a success is a must,” shares J’Arlette-Joy who started the business from home in 1996 and has grown the group to include more than 50 stores at present.


“Selen has a great understanding of the franchise concept and I feel confident with the brands reputation in her hands.”


Naidoo concludes with advice to aspiring franchisees, “A new owner should treat their business as if it were a child in its infancy. Whatever you invest into the business at this time, which can be considered its forming years, will determine how it grows up in the end and how it will treat you as its caretaker. The more time and energy you invest, the more reward you will reap in the long run.”

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