New business owners know their bread is buttered in the townships

There is no denying that for many entrepreneurs, business is all about the money. It’s what makes the corporate world go round, after all. Yes, while no one is in business to be unsuccessful, many people look at a much bigger picture that seeks to improve the lives of others just as much as their own.


New owners of the Sandwich Baron Braamfontein store, Trevor and Katlego Mashabane, have a dream of realising bigger things than just securing success for their store. This father and son duo have successfully negotiated a master franchise licence within the Sandwich Baron stable, which affords them the rights to establish more stores as part of this acclaimed franchise business in township areas across the country.


The Mashabanes were originally attracted to the uniqueness of the products that Sandwich Baron offers, which then inspired them to open their first store.


“From the online ordering to the delivery to the fair pricing, the idea of Sandwich Baron offering the customer greater choice was great for us. Also, the meals produced are a healthier option and always freshly produced on site – which is important as so many establishments can no longer pride themselves on serving fresh food with everything being pre-packed and processed,” shares Trevor.


On their decision to expand into the township areas, Trevor says they felt the sandwich business in these locations has loads of untapped potential.


“Sandwiches, although enjoyed by many, are not as well-known within the township areas. Pap and fried chicken or fish and chips are predominant meal choices, with many residents enjoying these often. We want to give community members something different to what they know, while still offering them a familiar concept. We do feel that, as with the introduction of other fast food brands into these areas that have been successful, we too will be able to capture this target market.”


Katlego agrees with his father’s sentiments and adds that their township expansion plans are not only aimed at serving the customers something new, but also offering community members the opportunity to embark on fresh ventures of their own.


“Aside from welcoming new customers into the family, our vision is to create jobs for the people who live in the areas and we are committed to securing these for young and old alike by means of the foundation we have established.”


The Mashabane Commerce Foundation was founded to not only create employment opportunities in the township stores, but also to educate and allow learners from township high schools to have access to business information related to their immediate township’s business sector. The Foundation will also accommodate these students in becoming shareholders of the township franchises with a percentage share. The greater plan is to train those in these communities who did not have prior access to complete their studies in areas of business so that the right knowledge and skills are imparted to them to allow them to build on their own futures.


Managing Director of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy, is proud to welcome the Mashabanes into the family and looks forward to seeing how they can grow the brand in a new direction.


“It is refreshing to welcome new people into the business that want to take an innovative approach to building the brand. In working to fill a gap in the market, they are broadening our horizons and opening the doors to even greater potential.


“Aside from this, it brings me great joy to know that they have a long term vision for the brand, and those who are impacted by it. I look forward to embarking on this journey with them,” J’Arlette-Joy concludes.
The Sandwich Baron group looks forward to sharing many more positive brand stories in the near future.


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