Never too old to retire from success

What do Benjamin Franklin, Peter Roget and Alex and Jenny McCourt have in common? They all triumphed in their chosen fields later on in life and refused to simply retire from achieving success.


While the McCourts may not have invented spectacles or the thesaurus, they are the owners of a highly successful Sandwich Baron store in Benoni.


For many, retirement is a daunting life stage to go through. Whilst many retirees cannot wait to enjoy the comforts of living according to their own rules and time, others become easily frustrated as their ambition didn’t retire with them. For the McCourts, the idea that life was going to be a boring descent after retiring simply wouldn’t do. Having gained experience in fulfilling careers throughout their working lives, these entrepreneurs knew that the franchising route would equip them to reach their business prime.


“For us, the biggest pull towards franchising was that we were able to build a business on a reputable name with a successful history,” shares Alex. “Further, the support system provided by the franchisor and franchise network makes starting a new business that much easier. With a tried and tested business model in place, we knew the right structures within Sandwich Baron to follow to ensure that the business achieved success. Thanks to the support franchisees receive, age is not a hindrance.”


Jenny agrees that age really is just a number.


“I don’t think the number of candles on your birthday cake should ever dictate your success in life,” she chuckles. “I do however feel that older franchisees might have an added advantage due to the vast amount of business and life experience they have gained over the years. With age comes understanding, which in turn gives you increased confidence, a stronger sense of responsibility, and as importantly, an understanding of business in general.”


Concerning the management of the Sandwich Baron Benoni store, the couple agrees that age is an important factor as it not only brings wisdom but also patience.


“Having consideration for other, patience, friendliness and honesty when dealing with staff and clients is vital to creating a successful working environment. Adding something good to the world is as important and regardless of age, everyone can make a positive contribution to society,” Alex concludes.

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