Sandwich Baron reels in Montague Gardens customers

Sandwich Baron reels in Montague Gardens customers

Johannesburg, 25 June 2012 – Consumers in Montague Gardens have been revelling in the healthy, freshly prepared sandwiches that their local Sandwich Baron has been delivering straight to their doorstep.
Sandwich Baron Montague Gardens owner, Lizetta Lopez is overwhelmed with the positive response received by the local community and elaborates on the store’s success.
“Montague Gardens is mostly known as an industrial area, and there isn’t a wide variety of convenient, healthy food options available. We therefore seized the opportunity and have gained an extensive client base since opening. Our customers rave about the wide variety of options available, the freshness of our products and the convenience of being able to order their meals and have it delivered free of charge,”
Lopez, who has 12 years’ experience as a pastry chef overseas, notes that she plans to maintain the store’s high level of service by keeping her staff motivated through cultivating a good working relationship, which translates into an exemplary service for their customers.
Sally J’Arlette-Joy, Sandwich Baron’s Managing Director notes that the brand’s success in Montague Gardens is also attributable to its impressive track record.
“Owing to the extensive experience and knowledge we have gained since commencing operations in 1996, Sandwich Baron is able to ensure that our franchisees and their staff are always provided with the necessary support and training they require to forge a successful and sustainable business.
“I am therefore confident that Sandwich Baron Montague Gardens will continue to have long term success, and establish a notable reputation in Cape Town as a provider of undeniably delicious, convenient and healthy sandwich- or snack platters. “
Lopez concludes that she intends to live up to the high standards that have been set by Sandwich Baron.
“My ultimate goal is to maintain the high standards that Sandwich Baron has created in terms of fresh produce, punctual delivery, and friendliness, and ensure that we always keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more.”

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    Chris j’arlette-joy told me today being 9 November 2018 about he’s MOms sandwich baron ,and I am very interested to try out the amazing menu perhaps the menu can be e-mailed to me please ?, jack e-mail being

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