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Kimberly’s first Sandwich Baron has discovered a new diamond recently been uncovered by the Kimberley community, following the opening of the first Sandwich Baron in the city. Since opening in May, the local community has embraced the opportunity to tuck into freshly prepared and succulent sandwiches that can be delivered straight to residences or places of business.

Sandwich Baron Managing Director Sally J’Arlette-Joy says that the franchise’s successful entry into the Kimberly market can be attributed to the unique taste and nature of the brand.

“Kimberley residents have previously not had a dedicated food franchise that can provide them with and alternative to fast food in the form of convenient, healthy and delectable sandwiches or snack platters. This discovered value will keep our customers coming back for more.”

While Sandwich Baron Kimberley is owned by Nick Lambrianos, the day-to-day operation is managed by his brother Harry and his wife, Nadine.

Harry notes that their familiarity with the area and experience in the food industry will help ensure an outstanding service to all.

“My wife and I have been residents in Kimberley for over 20 years, and during this same period, we also acquired substantial experience in various food businesses. This has resulted in us understanding the needs and wants of local consumers, and becoming familiar with the intricacies of the food industry.

“We are therefore uniquely positioned to offer locals a highly professional and immaculate service offering, ensuring that our customers hunger pains are always suitably satisfied,” says Harry.

He adds that the management of Sandwich Baron Kimberley is characterised by their commitment to hard work and hands on leadership.

Sandwich Baron is the fastest growing lunchtime franchise of its type in South Africa, with 65 stores open around the country. J’Arlette-Joy concludes that this record will allow the franchise to establish many years of sustained success in the region.

“Sandwich Baron has a tried and tested franchise method, which we have achieved through preparing undeniably delicious food of the highest quality, and committing to thoroughly professional and efficient service.

“This impressive track record means that we are confident of establishing a strong footprint in the Northern Cape, and becoming a firm favourite for many years to come.”

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