Sandwich Baron Secunda finds great success in new spot

The Sandwich Baron in Secunda has had a change of scenery recently, with the business moving from Franklin Centre to the popular AquaZone Waterpark. Owner, Rodene Mostert says that Sandwich Baron enthusiasts will continue to receive the same committed service and superior meal offerings as the management has remained unchanged.


Mostert shared that she is very excited about the new location as it has shown great promise. “I have always wanted to own my own business and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that you are not only able to fulfil a dream, but also reassured that your dream is sustainable through the support of a successful franchising model such as the Sandwich Baron – no matter the location.”


She does add, however, that much research went into the move of the store and that the relocation wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly.


“I have done thorough research into the area, and feel 100% assured of the fact that I will be able to create a sustainable business here. Even though we’ve only been in our new location for a short amount of time, I have already been overwhelmed by new customers coming through our doors while we still enjoy the support of our dedicated customers from our previous site. I do believe that finding the right location is crucial to the success of any store and I have no doubt that the new shop will only add to our success and fan base of happy customers.”


Managing Director of Sandwich Baron, Sally J’Arlette-Joy said that the move to the AquaZone Waterpark is a welcome one, as the new development has seen an influx of a customers, further adding to the store’s popularity. “When any owner makes the decision to move to new premises, it is always a tricky one, as it could result in a drop in support. Sandwich Baron is, however, in full support of the new location of the Secunda store and we are very happy to have such a promising franchisee at the helm.


“Rodene has through her management style shown a confident understanding of the franchising model. This, coupled with her passion for the food industry and hunger for business growth, will continue to benefit the service level and proficiency of her relocated store and will result in the business thriving well into the future.”


Sandwich Baron creates a variety of high quality food products specifically for online, call in and over the counter orders. These items include sandwiches, tramezzinis, platters, topping-filled baked potatoes and salads, all of which cater to the breakfast and lunchtime trade.



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