Climbing Sandwich Baron’s Ladder To Success

Tuesday, Oct 16 2012

A Sandwich Baron employee’s rapid ascent from a delivery driver position into a managerial role in just three years proves that the franchise has the appropriate business model to help aspirant entrepreneurs climb the ladder to success.

Sandile "Sipho" MhlongoSandile “Sipho” Mhlongo begun employment in 2009 as a delivery driver at the company’s first store in Alberton North and recently took over as the store manager of Sandwich Baron Northcliff.

Due to his great passion for customer service, Mhlongo underwent an apprenticeship at Sandwich Baron’s training centre in October 2011.  Having gained a better understanding of Sandwich Baron’s product and the process of handling orders, he then progressed to a cashier’s position. Starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder, Mhlongo continued to learn the ins and outs of the business, before grabbing the opportunity to apply for the manager position at Northcliff.

Sandwich Baron’s Managing Director, Sally J’Arlette-Joy notes that Mhlongo’s impressive career advancement is a testament to his character and dedication to succeed, as well as the franchise’s commitment to providing career growth opportunities to worthy individuals.

“We are extremely impressed with the career strides that Sipho has made since joining Sandwich Baron, and we believe that his achievements can be attributed to the determination, resolve and hard work he has displayed.

“His ascension into a managerial role also firmly demonstrates that Sandwich Baron provides an enabling environment whereby talented and ambitious employees are provided with a basis to significantly develop their skills and knowledge, and ultimately advance to lucrative and rewarding positions within the company.”

Mhlongo, who previously worked as an assistant mechanic at Shenla Life for five years, notes that his innate patience and communication skills, as well as a desire to tackle challenges head-on, have proved critical to his professional growth at Sandwich Baron.

“Throughout my career at Sandwich Baron, I have been driven by a burning passion for my job, and a desire to better understand customers needs by building a relationship with them that exceeds a standard food delivery service.

“This hunger for success, love for what I do, and management support has ultimately aided my career development, and ensured that my lifelong dream to professionally manage a team of employees has been realised,” concludes Mhlongon

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