A new business brain to head up Sandwich Baron Benoni

November 15, 2012 – Sandwich Baron Benoni, which is the preferred pit stop for locals looking for a healthier take-away option, has a new set of hands at its helm as Alex McCourt and his wife, Jenny recently took ownership of the franchise.

Alex McCourt, previously a mining engineer and an entrepreneur for over 35 years, is using his considerable business experience, and intimate knowledge of customer relations, to create long lasting and meaningful relationships with Sandwich Baron patrons.

“Through my many years of participating in a variety of businesses, I have learnt that the best way to satisfy customers is to always be honest with them, and to strive for a high level of service that is coupled with a constant commitment to be as polite, transparent and as helpful as possible.

“Having implemented this ethos in Sandwich Baron Benoni, the store is setting the benchmark in terms of excellence and efficiency. Complemented with the prospect of quality, freshly prepared and undeniably delicious meal offerings, this is a winning recipe that will satisfy any discerning palate.”

Since taking ownership in the beginning of October, McCourt adds that the community has warmly welcomed the ownership transition, and commends his staff for staying motivated and loyal and essentially ensuring that the franchise continues its success.

Sally J’Arlette-Joy, Sandwich Baron’s managing director asserts that Alex and Jenny will add immense value to the store and to the brand overall.

“Both Alex and Jenny have strong strategic skills, leadership qualities and management capabilities, and are comfortable with interacting with their customers. I am confident that these strong characteristics will result in the store excelling in every facet, especially in expanding on an already devoted customer base.”

Sandwich Baron, which was founded by J’Arlette-Joy in 1996, is one of the fastest growing lunchtime franchises of its type in South Africa, with 65 stores open around the country. Produced specifically for online, call in and over the counter orders, the franchise creates a variety of high quality food products ranging from sandwiches, pitas, wraps, tramezzini’s, cocktail platters, topping-filled baked potatoes and salads.

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