Dear Customer,

Working from home? Nervous to go out to get your sandwich ingredients?

Well, you still have to eat. So you should order in, from Sandwich Baron.

Online ordering and free delivery is not new to us. This has been our business model since 1996. We were the first food franchise to offer this service and, today, 90% of Sandwich Baron’s business comes from free delivery. We know what we’re doing. And we know how to make a great sandwich – to order.

We understand that you have concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). So, while we’ve always followed strict hygiene controls, we’re taking these up a level.

Here are the measures we’re taking to keep you, our staff, and our drivers safe:

No-touch delivery or pick-up

When placing your order online, you’ll have the option of contactless delivery or pick-up.

If you opt for delivery, your driver will place your sealed order on the motorbike’s box (which will have been thoroughly sanitised) and stand back while you collect it. You can also leave an instruction for your driver to place your order at a pick-up point, like outside your gate.

Our drivers carry hand sanitiser and wash their hands thoroughly before and after every delivery. Our promise: Your food will not be touched once it’s been packed and sealed.

Grab-and-go collections

Prefer to collect your order? Order online and wait outside the store until your order number is called. A staff member will put your order on a table near the entrance, to grab-and-go.

Low-touch in-store orders

If you’re placing your order in-store, you’ll need to make an online payment, to reduce physical contact and cash handling.

Our staff members have been briefed to keep their distance, so no-one’s in your personal space. When your order is ready, it will be placed on a table near the entrance.

(In future, each store will have a tablet available, which you can use to place your order. The device will be sanitised by our dedicated Hygiene Officer after each customer.)

Dedicated Hygiene Officers

We’ve appointed trained Hygiene Officers in each store, whose only focus is to regularly clean and sanitise, supervise cleaning processes, and offer our customers hand sanitiser.

We’ve also ramped up our cleaning procedures significantly, and will continue to increase the frequency of thorough deep-cleaning and sanitising processes as needed.

Our usual standards of hygiene

The following measures go without saying, but we’ll say them anyway:

  • All Sandwich Baron stores have sufficient handwashing facilities for all staff.
  • We’ve educated staff on heightened hygiene practices.
  • We’ll conduct regular in-store checks to ensure that rules are being adhered to.

You have enough to worry about. Trust us to take lunch off your plate, and leave it in a sealed bag (at a safe distance).