At Sandwich Baron we offer a huge assortment in our platters.
We can help with your catering and entertaining needs too with a great selection of party trays and platters to make every occasion a tasty and delicious one.
Below is a selection of our platters that are available online through the Sandwich Baron website in South Africa:

All Cheese PlatterAll Cheese Platter  R170.00

An assortment of cheese sandwiches.
Serves 8-10 (not available in half size)

Meat PlatterAnytime Platter  R289.00

Sausage rolls, meatballs, chicken & cheese russians.
Serves 8-10 (not available in half size)

Sandwich PlattersBaroness's sandwich Platter  R295.00

Bite sized healthy sandwiches filled with tuna mayonnaise, salad, cottage cheese & pineapple, cheese & tomato & egg mayonnaise.
Serves 10-12 

Party PlatterBaron Party Platter  R350.00

Open sandwiches, chicken strips, meatballs & sausage rolls.
Serves 10-12 

Assorted PlatterBest of Both Platter  R240.00

A variety of our best sandwiches –
“undeniably delicious” Not available in half size. Serves 8-10 

5 breakfastBreakfast Platter  R420.00

A selection of toasted sandwiches, bacon & egg spring rolls, ham & cheese muffins, chipolatas & fruit kebabs. Serves 10-12 

Sandwich PlatterBusinessman's sandwich Platter  R265.00

Delicious brown & white sandwiches with an assortment of fillings.
Serves 10-12 

7 cheese and biscuitCheese and biscuit Platter  R380.00

A selection of biscuits, cocktail viennas, beef, ham, salami, gouda, mozzarella, cucumber, cottage cheese, cocktail gherkins, green olives, black olives and cocktail tomatoes.  Serves 8-10  (Not available in half size)

8 chickenChicken Platter  R280.00

Drumsticks, wings & nuggets cooked to perfection.
(not available in half size)  Serves 8-10 

9 cocktailCocktail Platter  R385.00

Sandwiches, cocktail kebabs, spring rolls, cheese, viennas, meatballs & spicy wings.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

10 cold meatCold meat fantasy Platter  R300.00

Best quality Italian salami, ham, beef - garnished with parsley, gherkin & black olives.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

11 deluxeDeluxe with cold meats Platter  R350.00

Delicious brown and white sandwiches with an assortment of fillings with salami, ham, beef, green olives, calamata olives, cheddar cubes, blocks feta and lettuce. (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

12 directorDirector Platter  R290.00

Samoosas, chicken nuggets, pork sausages, chicken wings, meatballs, chicken & cheese russians.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

13 early morningEarly morning Platter  R295.00

An array of delicious toasted sandwiches consisting of cheese & tomato, bacon & cheese, bacon, cheese & egg, ham & cheese.
Serves 10-12

14 exoticExotic Platter  R270.00

Chicken nuggets, spicy wings, meatballs, fish bites, spring rolls & cocktail viennas. (not available in half size)  Serves 8-10

Health PlatterHealth Platter  R270.00

Delicious sandwiches with an array of healthy fillings served on low GI bread.  Serves 10-12

17 just sausageJust sausage rolls Platter  R195.00

Everyone's favourite sausage rolls cooked to perfection & served with two dips.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

18 meatballMeatballs & egg mayo Platter  R195.00

Meatballs & egg mayonnaise sandwiches.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

19 mixedMixed Platter  R245.00

Sandwiches, meatballs, different cheeses, viennas, gherkin & olives.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

munch-platterMunch Platter  R275.00

Samoosas and meatballs. The best of our most popular snacks.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

20 rib and chickRib & chicken Platter  R465.00

Drumsticks, wings & cocktail ribs basted and cooked to perfection.
Serves 10-12

21 royalRoyal Platter  R230.00

Open sandwiches, pita pockets, springrolls, cocktail viennas, samoosas, green olives & black olives.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

Snack PlatterSnack Platter  R260.00

Meatballs, samoosas, fish bites, chicken wings & chicken nuggets.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

23 summer timeSummer time fruit Platter  R305.00

Strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, melon, black grapes, green grapes, watermelon, garnished with mint.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

24 sundownerSundowner Platter  R395.00

Sandwiches, meatballs, spicy wings, samoosas, spring rolls, beef and chicken kebabs & a selection of cold meats.
(not available in half size) Serves 6-8

25 supremeSupreme Platter  R255.00

Tasty open sandwiches with an assortment of fillings.
(not available in half size) Serves 8

26 sweetSweet Platter  R415.00

A mouth watering selection of mini cakes.
(not available in half size) Serves 10-12

27Ultimate french bread Platter  On request

Ultimate French bread platter: choose an assortment of fillings from our menu to create your own platter. "This platter is
not available on the on line ordering"


28 vegVegetarian Platter  R320.00

Vegetable spring rolls, cheese & onion samoosas, vegetarian sandwiches, mini pita pockets with various fillings, cheese & gherkin. Garnished with parsley & carrot sticks.  Serves 10-12

Once you have chosen a platter or selection of platters or require further assistance proceed to order online through: Online Ordering or Contact Us