Available only in our Durban Central store.

2 anytimeAnytime Platter  R285.00

Sausage rolls, meatballs, chicken & cheese russians.
Serves 8-10 (not available in half size)

3 Baroness’s sandwichBaroness's sandwich Platter  R290.00

Bite sized healthy sandwiches filled with tuna mayonnaise, salad, cottage cheese & pineapple, cheese & tomato & egg mayonnaise.
Serves 10-12 

6 businessmanBusinessman's sandwich Platter  R260.00

Delicious brown & white sandwiches with an assortment of fillings.
Serves 10-12 

9 cocktailCocktail Platter  R380.00

Sandwiches, cocktail kebabs, spring rolls, cheese, viennas, meatballs & spicy wings.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

12 directorDirector Platter  R270.00

Samoosas, chicken nuggets, beef sausages, chicken wings, meatballs, chicken & cheese russians.  (not available in half size) Serves 8-10

13 early morningEarly morning Platter  R290.00

An array of delicious toasted sandwiches consisting of cheese & tomato, macon & cheese, macon, cheese & egg, ham & cheese.
Serves 10-12

14 exoticExotic Platter  R250.00

Chicken nuggets, spicy wings, meatballs, fish bites, spring rolls & cocktail viennas. (not available in half size)  Serves 8-10

20 rib and chickRib & chicken Platter  R460.00

Drumsticks, wings & cocktail ribs basted and cooked to perfection.
Serves 10-12

22 snackSnack Platter  R240.00

Meatballs, samoosas, fish bites, chicken wings & chicken nuggets.
(not available in half size) Serves 8-10

25 supremeSupreme Platter  R245.00

Tasty open sandwiches with an assortment of fillings.
(not available in half size) Serves 8