Sandwiches available on white, brown, wholewheat or health bread – plain or toasted. French bread (22cm) and Foot longs (35cm) white or brown. *Avocado and *Spinach are subject to availability.

Prices as at May 2017 and subjected to change without notice.






Chicken strips, avocado & fried onions wrap R42.00
Ham, mozzarella & salad wrap R38.00


Avocado R6.00 R7.00 R9.00 R9.00
Banana/gherkin or pineapple R4.00 R5.00 R7.00 R7.00
Crispy bacon or biltong R11.00 R15.00 R19.00 R19.00
Sliced boiled egg R4.00 R6.00 R7.00 R7.00
Creamy chicken livers peri peri/spinach na na na R14.00
Bacon/chicken/ham/beef/salami or tuna R7.00 R10.00 R13.00 R13.00
Cheddar or mozzarella R4.00 R7.00 R10.00 R10.00
Cottage cheese or feta R6.00 R9.00 R12.00 R12.00
Mushrooms or olives R8.00 R10.00 R12.00 R12.00
Lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, & mayonnaise or potato salad R6.50 R10.50 R13.50 R13.00
Tomato/onion/cucumber/green pepper / lettuce or chilli R2.50 R3.50 R5.00 R5.00
Chilli/chutney/mayonnaise/piccalilli/sweet chilli/bbq/mustard (hot english or german)/pesto R4.00 R6.50 R8.50 R8.50
Mushroom sauce R10.00 R13.00 R17.00 R17.00
Scrambled egg R7.00 R9.00 R11.00 na


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Since from March 2013 I haven’t had problems with Sandwich Baron in Randburg Bond Street. The service has been outstanding and Vicky the owner is just the best ever. He’s always efficient and makes sure that your food is well prepared. Thank you keep up the good job.

— Miss Maphosa