newPrices as at May 2017 and subjected to change without notice.

Breakfast boxBreakfast Bag   R71.50

Bacon and cheese sandwich, fruit salad, 36g Lays crisps, 250ml liquifruit and a mini yoghurt.

Healthy lunch bagHealthy Lunch Bag   R50.50

Whole wheat chicken salad sandwich, an apple or banana and water.

Lunch boxLunch Box   R65.00

4 spicy vegetable samoosas, 4 chicken nuggets, 6 fish bites and 3 meatballs, with lettuce, a slice of cucumber and tomato served with a dip.

Snack BoxSnack Box   R59.00

4 chicken samoosas, 4 meatballs, 3 chicken strips and 3 cocktail viennas served with a sweet chilli dip.

Training lunch bag 1Training Lunch Bag 1   R48.50

Sandwich, apple or banana and a 250ml liquifruit.

Training lunch bag 2Training Lunch Bag 2   R67.50

French bread, apple or banana, 36g Lays crisps and a 250ml Liquifruit.

lays(option 3)   R7.50

36g Lays crisps

yoghurt(option 7)   12.00


biltong(option 4)   R19.00


banana(option 5)   R7.00


apple(option 6)   R7.00