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20 reasons to buy a Sandwich Baron franchise

As the brand celebrates its 20th anniversary, Sandwich Baron founder and CEO Sally J’Arlette-Joy offers 20 reasons why potential franchisees should consider buying a Sandwich Baron franchise and join in the phenomenal growth of South Africa’s fastest growing sandwich business.

New Sandwich Baron set to open in Johannesburg CBD

Marshalltown is an endless hub of activity. Located in the Johannesburg CBD, it boasts a variety of big business, an abundance of residential developments as well as foot traffic from commuters who travel to other nodes of work, home and

Banting menu is absolutely delicious

Hi Sandwich Baron team   Just a quick note to say that everything on your banting menu is absolutely delicious!  All of us that order (regularly and irregularly) are enjoying that food so much.   Thanks for your always great

Sandwich Baron unveils new Banting-friendly menu choices

Always reflecting the latest food trends in the local market, Sandwich Baron has now unveiled its new banting-friendly meals, prepared especially for the increasing number of customers who are following this low-carb, gluten free, high fat lifestyle. South Africa’s well-loved

This man won a franchise – this is how he made it profitable

Lessons from the winner of Sandwich Baron’s ‘Win a Franchise’ competition. Last year Scott Mitchley became a franchise owner overnight when he was named the winner in the Sandwich Baron ‘Win a Franchise’ competition. He received a new, fully constructed

Soweto Sandwich Baron is the first step into a potentially profitable new frontier

For many business owners the prospect of expanding their operations into new and unchartered territories can be daunting. This has not been the case with Sandwich Baron, the fastest growing lunchtime franchise in South Africa, which recently opened its first

Xukuzanee compliments

Wow congrats guys it was about time you guys come to Soweto with your delicious sandwiches. Let people eat!

The customer will always remember how you made them feel

It was the late Maya Angelou who once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” While this quote is applicable in everyday life, perhaps

New business owners know their bread is buttered in the townships

There is no denying that for many entrepreneurs, business is all about the money. It’s what makes the corporate world go round, after all. Yes, while no one is in business to be unsuccessful, many people look at a much

Sandwich Baron franchise makes financial ‘cents’

Community members of the Kyalami area are in for a fresh treat with the opening of a brand new Sandwich Baron store in the area. Aside from welcoming some fine food, Kyalami residents can also look forward to plenty of